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Isfahan province

Isfahan province

Tourism Information of Isfahan province

Isfahan province , also transliterated as Esfahan , Espahan , Isfahan , or Isphahan , is one of the thirty-one provinces of Iran . It is located in the center of the country in Iran's Region 2 . Its secretariat is located in the city of Isfahan .



The Isfahan province covers an area of approximately 107,027 square km and is situated in the center of Iran . To its north , stand the Markazi (Central) Province and the provinces of Qom and Semnan . To its south , it is bordered by the provinces of Fars , and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province . Aminabad is the most southern city of Isfahan province just 2 km north of the border . To the east , it is bordered by the province of Yazd . To the west , it is bordered by the province of Lurestan and to the southwest by the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari .

The city of Isfahan is the provincial capital ; and the counties of this province are as follows : Aran o Bidgol , Ardestan , Esfahan , Lanjan , Shahinshahr and Meymeh , Khomeini Shahr , Khansar , (The Upper) Semirom , Fereydan , Fereydunshahr , Falavarjan , Kashan , Golpayegan , Mobarakeh , Nain , Najaf Abad , Lower Semirom (Dehaghan) , Shahreza , Anarak and Natanz ; 18 townships , 38 counties , 67 cities , and 2470 villages in all . According to the census in the year 2006 , the population of the province was 4,559,256 of which approximately 83.3 percent were urban residents and 16.7 percent resided in the rural areas . The literacy rate was 88.65 percent . In 2011 population of Isfahan grew up to 4,879,312 .

The province experiences a moderate and dry climate on the whole , ranging between 40.6 °C and 10.6 °C on a cold day in the winter season . The average annual temperature has been recorded as 16.7 °C and the annual rainfall on an average has been reported as 116.9 mm . The city of Sepahan (Esfahan) however experiences an excellent climate , with four distinct seasons .

With an elevation of 4040 metres , the Shahankuh is the highest peak in Isfahan Province . This mountain is located about 20 kilometres southwest of the city of Fereydunshahr in the western part of Isfahan Province .


History and culture

Historians have recorded Espahan , Sepahan or Isfahan initially as a defense and military base . The security and protection of the gradually increasing castles and fortifications , thereby , would provide the protection of residents nearby , therefore leading to the growth of large settlements nearby . These historical castles were Atashgah , Sarooyieh , Tabarok , Kohan Dej , and Gard Dej to name a few . The oldest of these is Ghal'eh Sefeed and the grounds at Tamijan from prehistoric times . The historic village of Abyaneh , a nationwide attraction , also has Sassanid ruins and fire temples among other historical relics .

During the 17th and 18th centuries , Isfahan province enjoyed high standards of prosperity as it became the capital of Safavid Persia . While the city of Sepahan (Esfahan) was their seat of monarchy , Kashan was their place of vacation and leisure .

Isfahan province encompasses various sects today . The majority of the people in the province are Persian speakers , but Bakhtiari Lurs , Georgians , Armenians , Qashqais and Persian Jews also reside in the province . The official language of the province is Persian , though different ethnic groups and tribes abide by their own language such as Judeo-Persian , Armenian , Georgian , Qashqai Turkic or Bakhtiari Lurish . Isfahan province is noted for its reputed personalities such as writers , poets and other imminent figures who have been born and brought up or have lived in this territory .


Public Universities

·         Isfahan University of Technology

·         Isfahan University

·         Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

·         Kashan University of Medical Sciences

·         Isfahan University of Art

·         Malek-Ashtar University of Technology

·         University of Kashan


Islamic Azad Universities

Several well-known Islamic Azad University campuses in Iran are located in the province :

·         Islamic Azad University of Falavarjan

·         Islamic Azad University of Meymeh

·         Islamic Azad University of Kashan

·         Islamic Azad University of Majlesi

·         Islamic Azad University of Najafabad

·         Islamic Azad University of Khomeynishahr

·         Islamic Azad University of Isfahan

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